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Solutions to sticking, wrapping and winding in spinning process

release time : 2022-06-22

At present, most cotton spinning enterprises adopt the wrapping method of physical sugar elimination method. For example, our company adopts bg1202/bg1203 series fine chemical additives produced by Xi'an Lianyi textile additives factory. After sorting three threads of raw cotton, the additives are sprayed into the fiber in a certain proportion according to the sugar content of raw cotton, and then used on the vehicle after 24 hours.

Because this kind of auxiliary agent integrates smoothness, softness and antistatic property, and has good diffusivity and permeability, it effectively solves the "three entanglements" problem of high sugar cotton in the spinning process.

The sugar elimination by wrapping method is to form a layer of isolation film on the fiber surface by using the surface active agent components such as smoother, softener and antistatic agent in this kind of auxiliary agent, so as to separate the sugar on the fiber from the spinning process components, so as to achieve the purpose of anti sticking.

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